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° Roadrunner United- The Allstars Sessions °

* Esta es la web donde dejan escuchar las tres primeras canciones del discazo que se nos avecina.


Mikael Åkerfeldt sings lead vocals, plays guitar and handles some mellotrons for Sweden's Opeth. Ghost Reveries, their Roadrunner debut and seventh album overall, was released in 2005.


Malevolent Creation's Rob Barrett is one of death metal's most celebrated guitarists. He has been a member of the band for much of its long career, and played on Retribution , one of the band's three Roadrunner releases from 1991 to 1993.


Guitarist Matt Baumbach co-founded Vision Of Disorder on Long Island, New York in 1992. V.O.D.'s self-titled debut laid some of the groundwork for the sound of the modern metalcore movement.


Corey Beaulieu is the guitarist in Trivium, whose solo-oriented playing is ushering in a new era of guitar virtuosos. Trivium's Ascendancy came out in March of 2005.


Glen Benton is the bassist, singer and evil mastermind behind Florida's Deicide. Deicide released 8 albums on Roadrunner, including the genre-defining Once Upon The Cross.


Brooklyn-born Keith Caputo is the lead vocalist for Life Of Agony, as well as a solo singer and songwriter. The band's classic, River Runs Red , was released in 1993 and a reformed LOA is still active today.


Singer and guitarist Max Cavalera co-founded legendary Brazilian metal band Sepultura and also played in side project Nailbomb before spinning off with his own group, Soulfly. Soulfly's debut featured guest appearances from Chino Moreno of Deftones and Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit.


Dino Cazares was the guitarist and co-founder of industrial metal pioneers Fear Factory and death metal side project Brujeria, in addition to producing or jamming with numerous other acts. Fear Factory's critical and commercial breakthrough was 1995's Demanufacture.


Dave Chavarri anchors Latin rhythms as the drummer, and is the driving force in New Jersey's Ill Nino. Dave has also played drums for Pro-Pain, Laaz Rockit and Soulfly.


Mike D'Antonio is the bassist for New England metalcore pioneers Killswitch Engage. He also designs all of their merchandise and album artwork, as well as the artwork for a number of other bands.


Steve DiGiorgio is possibly the most respected bassist in all of extreme metal. He is best known for his work with Sadus and Death, but is one of the genre's most in-demand guest players.


Matt DeVries is part of the tandem guitar assault in Cleveland's Chimaira. Chimaira's third album, a self-titled opus, was released in the Summer of 2005.


Marcelo Dias played bass in Soulfly on their first three albums, and prior to that was a long-time tech for Sepultura.


Dez Fafara was the lead vocalist and driving force behind Coal Chamber before forming his new group, DevilDriver, in 2003. Coal Chamber's self-titled debut sold a scant 844 copies in its first week of release back in 1997 – the album has since gone Gold.


Vocalist Dani Filth has recorded ten albums as frontman for Britain's Cradle Of Filth, and has also acted in horror films and lent his voice to an animated project. COF's first album for Roadrunner was 2004's Nymphetamine.


Robert Flynn is the singer, guitarist and principal songwriter for San Francisco's Machine Head. He also produced their latest album, Through The Ashes Of Empires.


Producer, remixer and programmer Rhys Fulber has worked with Fear Factory as a producer and was a member of Front Line Assembly. Roadrunner first prompted his collaborations with Fear Factory by suggesting his remix work for the groundbreaking Fear Is The Mindkiller release .


Michale Graves was lead vocalist for the latter-day version of the Misfits. The Misfits' Famous Monsters, the first of two Roadrunner releases, came out in 1999.


Paul Gray, also know as “#2,” plays bass in Slipknot and is one of their chief songwriters. As one of the founding members of the band, Paul was in an earlier incarnation of the band that pre-dated lead singer, Corey Taylor.


Justin Hagberg plays guitar in Canada's 3 Inches Of Blood. 3 Inches gave revivalist metal a kick in the ass with the release of 2004's Advance And Vanquish.


Matthew K. Heafy is the lead vocalist and guitarist in the Florida-based band Trivium. At 19 years old, Heafy is the youngest of the four Roadrunner United team captains and was raised on a steady diet of music created by the other captains' bands.

Andols Herrick recorded three albums as the drummer in Chimaira. His exit from the band is documented on their DVD The Dehumanizing Process.


Producer, DJ and mixer Tom Holkenberg is also known as Junkie XL. 1998's Saturday Teenage Kick was a seamless blend of guitars and electronics. More recently, he remixed Elvis Presley's “A Little Less Conversation” into a worldwide # 1 hit.


36 Crazyfists guitarist Steve Holt moved from Alaska to Oregon with the rest of the band before they made their recording debut in 2002 with Bitterness The Star.


Mark Hunter supplies the screams, growls and roars for Chimaira, but also writes the music to many of their songs.

Singer Howard Jones does double duty as the lead singer of Killswitch Engage and Blood Has Been Shed. His first song as vocalist for Killswitch Engage was “When Darkness Falls,” which appeared on the soundtrack to Freddy vs. Jason.


Joey Jordison is the drummer and co-founder of Iowa's Slipknot, has played guitar in the Murderdolls, is a producer and also once sat behind the drums for Metallica. A virtual encyclopedia of metal, Joey owns the entire Roadrunner catalog.

Johnny Kelly plays drums in Type O Negative and is also in demand as a touring drummer.

Legendary Danish singer, King Diamond, co-founded one of underground metal's most influential groups, Mercyful Fate, in 1982. He launched a self-named solo act in 1985 and has continued to front both groups for over two decades.

Andreas Kisser joined Sepultura in 1987 on the band's second album, Schizophrenia , and has been its lead guitarist ever since.

Andy La Rocque was one of the original members of King Diamond's self-named band and continues as the group's lead guitarist to this day. King Diamond released five studio albums on Roadrunner from 1986 to 1990.

Jesse David Leach sang lead vocals on Killswitch Engage's Roadrunner debut, Alive Or Just Breathing . He is currently the lead singer of Seemless.

Cristian Machado handles vocals in both English and Spanish for Ill Nino . Their third Roadrunner album, One Nation Underground , was released in the Fall of 2005.

Logan Mader played guitar on the first two Machine Head albums, Burn My Eyes and The More Things Change… , and has also spent time in Soulfly. Logan currently enjoys a career as a producer and a mixer; he mixed the track “The End” for Roadrunner United.

Sean Malone played bass in Cynic, whose 1993 album Focus is considered a milestone in progressive metal. Once a deleted title, Focus was reissued in 2004.

Drummer Roy Mayorga recorded two EPs and a full-length album with Thorn before joining Soulfly for its 1998 self-titled debut. He met Max Cavalera through an unsolicited remix he did of “Refuse/Resist,” called “Chaos B.C.”


Former Sacred Reich drummer, Dave McClain, has been playing in Machine Head since joining the group for 1997's The More Things Change... He can be seen pounding the skins on Machine Head's recently released Elegies DVD.


James Murphy is one of death metal's most seasoned and respected guitarists, having played in two of its most influential bands, Death and Obituary. He has also logged time with Disincarnate, Testament, and Cancer.

Former The Accused guitarist, Tommy Niemeyer, went on to form Gruntruck in the early Nineties and record two albums with the group.

Daryl Palumbo is the lead singer of Glassjaw, who released their Roadrunner debut, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence , in 2000. He is also the vocalist of Head Automatica with DJ Dan “The Automator” Nakamura.

Nadja Peulen is a former bassist in Coal Chamber. Nadja toured with Coal Chamber in support of both Chamber Music and their final album, Dark Days.

Dave Pybus plays bass in Cradle Of Filth. He's a huge Type O Negative fan and was thrilled when he was approached to play on the Roadrunner United track that was written for Peter Steele.

Josh Rand plays guitar in Stone Sour alongside axeman James Root and singer Corey Taylor, both of Slipknot fame.

James Root is the guitarist in both Slipknot and Stone Sour. Each album he has recorded with these bands has reached Gold or Platinum status.

Souren "Mike" Sarkisyan played guitar in the Los Angeles-based band Spineshank. Spineshank was brought to Roadrunner's attention by then-Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares.
Josh Silver is the keyboard player and co-producer of Brooklyn's Type O Negative, and has amassed numerous production credits on his own. Type O released seven albums and a DVD on Roadrunner.

Acey Slade shares guitar duties with Joey Jordison in the goth-glam-horror rock band Murderdolls.
Drummer Mike Smith played on two of the three Suffocation albums recorded for Roadrunner in the early-Nineties, including its classic debut, Effigy Of The Forgotten , which features his unique blast beat style. He recently rejoined the band for their comeback album, Souls To Deny .
Peter Steele was the founder, songwriter, bassist and vocalist for Brooklyn-based thrash act Carnivore, as he has been for Type O Negative since 1991.
Corey Taylor has been the lead singer in Slipknot since 1998, and sang in Stone Sour from 1992 to 1997 before reforming the group in 2002.

Kyle Thomas was the lead vocalist in Exhorder, widely considered pioneers of the “power groove” genre of metal in the early Nineties, and recorded two albums with the group before forming Floodgate later in the decade.


Look up “shredder” in the dictionary and you will find a picture of Annhilator founder and lead guitarist Jeff Waters, one of speed metal's best axemen. The band's Roadrunner releases include the 1989 classic, Alice In Hell .


Guitarist Jordan Whelan plays in the Grand Rapids, Michigan band Still Remains, which released its Roadrunner debut, Of Love And Lunacy , in 2005.

Christian Olde Wolbers began as Fear Factory's bass player on 1995's Demanufacture but has recently switched to guitar.

Tim Williams was the lead vocalist in Long Island hardcore band Vision Of Disorder and now sings with Bloodsimple.

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